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Evergreen specializes in management services and investment property opportunities.

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Evergreen Property Management specializes in providing comprehensive real estate management services to both owners and residents. The Evergreen Property Management staff has years of experience protecting and growing investment property portfolios, winning resident loyalty, and providing quality homes for our communities.

We know that keeping up with ever-changing Landlord Tenant law, market conditions, property maintenance, and resident relations is a big job. That’s why Evergreen Property Management is here to make everyone’s job a little easier. Whether you own investment properties or are looking for a rental to call home, we’re here to provide the support you need.

You’ll love working with the friendly staff at Evergreen Property Management!

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Evergreen Property Management’s mission is to transform the property management industry through commitment to positive change and innovation that redefines the quality and consistency of service that clients can expect from a management company.

EvergreenPM will inspire trust through demonstrated dedication to honesty, integrity and transparency, treating all people fairly, with respect and courteous compassion in every situation.

EvergreenPM will grow with, give back to, and act as leaders within the communities we serve.

We're the property management company you keep!

Evergreen Property Management staff has over 20 years of experience protecting and growing investment property portfolios, providing quality homes for our communities, and winning tenant loyalty.

Investors Trust Evergreen Property Management


As investment property owners ourselves, we know that real estate investments require professional and diligent management. Our staff works with integrity, innovation, and a clear understanding of Landlord-Tenant law – we’re here to maximize the return on your investment and eliminate the stress.

We’ll move the possibilities of your investment forward while providing you with timely and clear communication. Evergreen provides our clients with a secure portal to access statements, transactions, documents, and inspection reports at your convenience. Wherever you are, whatever the need, Evergreen is there for you.

Join our team to watch your investment portfolio grow!

Comprehensive Property Management Services

You’ll Love Living in an Evergreen Home


Welcome to Evergreen Property Management, where we take care of our tenants. Our staff focuses on making your life as our future tenant enjoyable and easy! We’re a tech-friendly company that believes in providing you access to service any time you need it; that includes online rent payment, maintenance requests, property information, and access to a 24/7 emergency maintenance service number.

We Set Our Tenants Up for Success!

Tenants have both rights and responsibilities. At Evergreen, our staff works to make sure you know everything you need to know about your new rental contract and home – no surprises! Not only will you have peace of mind knowing that any concerns you have will be quickly addressed by our friendly and professional staff, but also that you have access to the best vendors in the industry. In addition, we provide numerous resources to assist you in the care and maintenance of your rental. Our residents’ comfort and experience in their homes matter greatly to us.

Residents at Evergreen Property Management


We are tenants that rent through Evergreen. We owned a home before this and it has been a very long time since renting. This company has been an absolute joy to work with. They are timely and efficient. You can tell they pick their home owners wisely for who they work with because our homeowner has been great as well. If they have a property you are interested in just pay the fee. You wont regret it. They care so much about tenants and homeowners.

-Janice K.


I have been so impressed with EPM and their staff, especially my primary point of contact, Christine Miller. I’m shifting from long-distance self-management of my home, and it has been a win-win for me and my tenant. As a homeowner who wants to return to live in my home at some point, I am so pleased to have professional expertise and help with maintenance and upkeep. My tenant now has support for home repairs without having to source that himself. Communication and service from Christine and EPM has been excellent. If you’re considering EPM, don’t hesitate to reach out to them.

-Teresa H.


The evergreen group is the best! Very professional and friendly. And its not just one person either. Ive had the pleasure of speaking with a few of the staff members and they always know whats going on. They communicate with eachother which makes our rental experience better because there is more than one person who can answer questions for us. Thank you evergreen property management team. Keep up the good work!!

-Michelle D.


This company is wonderful. They were very quick and responsive and had nothing but a smooth process from start to finish. As an employee of the Chamber of Commerce I highly recommend this company for any rental property needs.

-Jessica M.


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