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Evergreen Property Management staff has over 20 years of experience protecting and growing investment property portfolios, providing quality homes for our communities, and winning tenant loyalty.

Cyndi Strandberg

I found my spirit for entrepreneurial enterprise after my studies at Seattle Pacific University. With my passion for real estate investing and the collective energy of a thousand lattes, I founded Evergreen Property Management, Inc. in 2012. Without a moment to spare, Evergreen grew from a start-up to a recognized business, managing over 300 doors. Every day, my staff and I empower the community by serving investor owners and residents with excellence. It’s a rewarding experience to see others grow as they journey with Evergreen; whether it’s helping an owner maximize their investment capital or helping a resident find the perfect place to call home while building a strong rental history. We’re with our clients to create a WIN!

Perfect Evening

Good humans, good wine, and great food

Go-To Coffee Order

Almond milk vanilla Latte, half sweet. Iced or hot works for me!

Good Reads

Dare to Lead, The Moment of Lift, Talking to Strangers

Dream Vacation

Sun, warm sand, and drinks with umbrellas in them!

Item on My Bucket List

Jumping out of a plane


8w9 – The Diplomat

Christine Miller

I grew up right here in East County, which has instilled a love for all things Pacific NW in me. And let’s not forget COFFEE – bring on a triple-tall Americano with cream! I started my career in finance as a Stock & Bond Trader in the Private Wealth Management sector where I found a love for numbers. I joined Evergreen in 2014 and instantly fell in love with property management and its opportunity to combine my passion for helping others while geeking out over numbers. As the Director of Finance, I deeply care about providing clear, transparent financial reporting and support to all Evergreen clients. Whether over the phone or face-to-face, I talk to all our clients as I would my next-door neighbor. Communication is not a puzzle, so it shouldn’t feel like you have to solve one to get the information you need. Likewise, trust isn’t a one-time payment, but multiple, steady deposits in a long-term investment.

Perfect Morning

Sitting on my patio with a cup of coffee and my adorable puppy

Favorite Meal to Cook

Breakfast! Sweet potato hash nest with an over-easy egg – DELISH!

Vacation Spot

Yes, please! I’m not picky. Oregon Coast…Maui – SURE!

Keep it Coming

Audiobooks, podcasts, coffee dates, and great food!

Fun Fact

I was Evergreen’s first employee


2w3 – The Helper

Deeana McMahan

After finishing high school, I dove directly into the world of banking where I discovered my gifting in customer service! After staying home to raise my three kids, I knew I wanted to return to a customer service-focused career. In 2017, I joined the Evergreen team and have enjoyed the journey it has taken me on. Every day is different, but what doesn’t change is our commitment to providing excellent customer care to both of our clients – the tenants and the owners. I love our team and the company culture! We work hard and have fun – the perfect blend that keeps me coming back for more!

Favorite Sport

I love volleyball!! I have played, coached, and now love to watch my daughter compete!

Perfect Evening

Having our patio or pool full of our “adult” kids and watching them interact and laugh!

Favorite Season

This sunworshipper loves summer!

Dream Vacation

Overwater bungalow in Fiji

Go-To Coffee Order

Caramel Macchiato, except on or after October 1st – Pumpkin Spice Latte (the official beverage of fall)!

Tiffany Mitchell

My career journey has taken a few twists and turns. I have a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education but ended up working in the retail banking world for many years before taking time off to raise my three kids. My husband and I hired Evergreen to manage our investment properties, and I enjoyed working with the staff so much that I decided I should be an employee! I love working for Evergreen because every day is different and the people I interact with are all amazing!

Favorite Food


Perfect Evening

Dinner with friends and family

Favorite Travel Spot

Visiting my kids who attend college out of state

Coffee Order

Black – I’m kind of boring that way!

Favorite Music


Favorite Season


Bryce Peterson

After many years working in the field of Social Work, I wanted to change career paths. I found my way to Evergreen’s doorstep in the summer of 2021. I love the relationships we build with each owner, every resident, and each other!

Go-To Coffee Order

Dirty chai

Favorite Travel Spot

Anywhere near a beach

Favorite Guilty Pleasure


Dream House Style

Modern Farmhouse

Perfect Evening

Lots of laughs, good food, and good company

Favorite Hobby


Linette Bethurum

I am a Washington-born coffee-loving Oregonian (nearly 30 years now!) who loves all things PNW outdoors and enjoys all things administrative! After years in various office roles and then many years at home raising kids and coaching volleyball, I completed my degree with Multnomah University in Leadership and Ministry. You can find me most days at Multnomah where I have served in various roles (Academic Advisor-Success Coach-Program Director-Assistant Registrar) over the last 10 years. When Covid hit, and hours were reduced, I found my way to Evergreen! I love the positive, service-oriented like-mindedness the staff shares, along with our mutual commitment to building excellence in everything we do.

Book or Movie Adaptation?

Book – for sure!

Dream Sunny Weekend

The Gorge, beach, or Mt. Hood

Dream Rainy Weekend

Lord of the Rings Marathon or visit to family in Arizona

NFL Team Allegiances

Packers by heritage, Seahawks by birth, Broncos by marriage

Favorite Tradition

Making cinnamon rolls, grabbing coffee, and heading to Government Camp with the kids on the first snowy day of the season

Love Language


Taylor Fritz

Taylor is passionate about people. After graduating from the University of Oregon, she moved to Eastern Washington to be a TV reporter.

Now, she’s flipped the script and ready to embrace the numbers. Taylor became a member of the Evergreen team in Fall 2021. She’s grateful to be part of Evergreen’s positive space while serving the community she grew up in.

Fun Fact

Taylor lived in Ghana for six weeks interning at a local TV station


3w4 The Achiever

What Makes You Laugh

Any video of baby goats jumping off things (YouTube this and thank me later)

Guilty Pleasure

Reality TV, Ranch

Perfect Morning

Waking up before everyone else, coffee, journaling. I love setting my day up for success.

Go-To Coffee Order

Vanilla latte with oat milk but when it’s fall you bet I’m getting a pumpkin spice latte every chance I get!



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