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At Evergreen, we take pride in caring for and serving our renters with excellence. Our friendly staff wants your rental experience to be simple and enjoyable. We are not in this business solely to manage properties; we care about providing quality homes for our community. Our tenants are set up for success on all fronts – we provide clear  instructions for easy process navigation, quick and accessible maintenance reporting and response, and convenient options for making rent payments and viewing account status and history. And, we promise to answer your calls and return your emails promptly. Your experience in your home matters to us!

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Evergreen Property Management staff has over 20 years of experience protecting and growing investment property portfolios, providing quality homes for our communities, and winning tenant loyalty.

How to Pay Rent

Pay rent from the comfort of your home with Evergreen’s online tenant portal! Paying online is safe and secure, and free when you use an e-check.

You can also pay by dropping off or sending a check in the mail to:

Evergreen Property Management
105 W Historic Columbia River Hwy
Troutdale, OR 97060

Make checks payable to: Evergreen Property Management, LLC


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Helpful instructions: 

  • Accepted forms of mail-in payment: personal check, certified check, money order.
  • Only payments in the exact amount of rent will be accepted. Partial payments or over-payments will not be accepted, will be returned to the tenant, and not credited to the tenant’s account.
  • Only one rent payment will be accepted per rental agreement.
  • Many tenants find it helpful to use their bank’s online bill pay feature. Most online banking sites have recurring payment or auto-pay features. Tenants find this to be a great way to assure their rent is paid on time.
Rent payments should be made by the first day of the month. In the event of late payment, please be aware of the following timeline: 

1st Day of Month: Rent is due 

5th Day of Month: If rent is not received by this date, a late fee is charged.

If your payment is going to be late, please contact Evergreen Property Management immediately at 971-258-4799. Great tenants like you are hard to find! We will do our best to assist you in any way we can.

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Maintenance Requests

The Evergreen staff is happy to provide a 24/7 maintenance contact center! You can report maintenance issues to our staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays. 

For maintenance help, call 971-257-5626

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