How to Prepare Your Home for Spring

Home During Springtime
With spring in full bloom, we thought it was only fitting to put together a home-maintenance checklist. Whether you’re a homeowner or resident, knowing the right things to do in the spring can help you protect the home and keep everything running smoothly.

Let’s jump right in and talk about how to prepare your home for spring.

A Home Maintenance To-Do List for Spring

Below are a few things you need to do to keep your home clean and safe this season:

Switch Out Air Filters

Replace or change furnace filters for optimal furnace function and to improve indoor air quality. Also, please vacuum heat registers, cold air returns, and bathroom fans. You’ll be amazed at how this improves the air quality of your home.

Inspect Smoke Alarms

Check smoke and carbon monoxide alarms to make sure they are all functioning properly.

Store Food Properly

Prepare for pest prevention. Make sure you are not storing any food on the counter or in open containers in cupboards.

Check Out the Gutters

Please keep an eye on the gutters and roof of the house for any visible damage from winter storms. If you notice water overflowing the gutters or any other sign that the water is not free-flowing through the gutters, please submit a maintenance request through your tenant portal.

Clean Around Large Appliances

Pull out the range and refrigerator to clean behind and underneath them. Clean the drain pan underneath the refrigerator. Please be careful not to damage the flooring when you do this. Also, make sure to unplug the appliances before cleaning.

Steam-Clean the Carpets

If your carpets have not been professionally cleaned and are showing dirt or stains, it’s time to have them cleaned. During your tenancy, this is done at the tenant’s expense.

Wash the Windows

Wash windows and tracks inside and out. Exterior windows should be cleaned from the ground (NOT on ladders) by using a Windex garden hose spray cleaner.

Take Care of General Maintenance

  • Please remove all outdoor hose bib insulation covers and vent blocks.
  • If you have access to shut off water flow to exterior hose bibs, it’s time to turn it back on.
  • Please check to make sure that no plants or tree branches are touching the house, and rake all debris away from the foundation.
  • Clean debris out of basement window wells.
Home in Springtime


If you live in a home, there’s lots to do as you go from season to season, but remember: property managers can help tenfold. Not only can we connect you with reliable contractors who can assist with maintenance such as sprinklers and lawn care, but we can also ensure the property is cared for properly and the maintenance is done at the right time. That way, tenants enjoy a higher quality living space and owners’ properties are protected. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Ready to hire a property manager? Contact Evergreen Property Management today! We’re here for you every step of the way.