Should Pets Be Allowed in Rental Properties?

Cats in Rental Properties
There’s a lot of controversy around the subject of “pets in rental properties.” Should you allow them? Should you not? This is probably the most common question asked among investment property owners – and for good reason.

We love pets, but it’s no secret that they can cause some damage, and it’s understandable that you don’t want any unexpected expenses. However, at Evergreen Property Management, we believe in helping create win-win situations for property owners and residents, and we’re here to explain the positives behind allowing pets in rentals (positives for both landlords and renters). Let’s dive right in!

Why Allow Animals in Your Rental Properties?

After many years of property management experience, we feel it is in the owner’s best interest to allow animals in rentals. Below are some reasons why:

Most People Have a Pet

True story – did you know that up to 72% of renters have a pet? By not allowing pets, you’re eliminating a significant number of highly qualified applicants who will take great care of your property.

That’s What Security Deposit Funds Are For

Additional security deposit funds can be collected and held in reserve to pay for pet damage. Residents can also be charged for damage during and after their residency. That will give you peace of mind that you won’t have to pay for any damages incurred by a resident’s pet.

Residents Will Find a Way

For many residents, pets are members of the family, providing companionship and comfort. Understandably, residents feel they can’t leave a pet behind and will discover options available to keep their pet with them despite a pet ban. If those options are exercised, a pet deposit cannot be charged, and management of the animal becomes limited and much more involved. Allowing pets in rentals can help mitigate this.

You Can Schedule Periodic Inspections

Our properties are inspected every 6 months, and our inspection team is trained to inventory pets present, as well as document interior and exterior pet-caused damage with pictures. They also note odors in their report. If there’s any damage or anything that needs to be addressed, your Portfolio Manager will be on top of it.

Pets in Rental Properties


We understand that many owners have had not-so-great experiences with pets in their investment properties. The good news is we have found that this is a rare exception and not a common occurrence.

We want to give your property the most exposure to a great pool of applicants and collect extra money just in case the unexpected takes place, and allowing pets in your rental is a great way to do it. Plus, it allows renters to keep their furry friends and not have to stress about finding other options. Evergreen Property Management has measures in place to make sure pets in rental properties are a win-win for everyone.

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