Enhancing Property Experiences: A Win-Win Approach to Washers and Dryers

Moving washer and dryer

At Evergreen Property Management, we pride ourselves on finding better ways to ensure success for property owners while creating exceptional living environments for our residents.

Our innovative approach challenges traditional norms and uncovers what we like to call “new school truths.” In this spirit, we’ve taken a closer look at the role of washers and dryers in single-family homes and discovered a perspective that benefits both owners and renters.

New School Truth: We have found that single-family homes are more profitable without providing a washer and dryer.

A Shift Toward Efficiency: The Win-Win of Not Providing Washers and Dryers

You might be wondering, “Why shouldn’t I provide a washer and dryer?” Let’s explore the reasons behind this shift and how it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Owners’ Perspective:

Cost Savings: Embracing this new school truth means embracing cost-effectiveness. By not providing or repairing washers and dryers, property owners can experience substantial cost savings. This translates to improved property cash flow and reduced financial liabilities.

Less Obligation, More Freedom: Moving away from these appliances eliminates present and future obligations for property owners. This approach aligns perfectly with Evergreen’s commitment to lower liability for our valued owners.

Streamlined Profitability: Contrary to common misconceptions, not providing washers and dryers does not impact the property’s profitability. You can rest assured that this decision won’t negatively affect your rental income or marketability.

Renters’ Perspective:

Personal Preference: Most renters already come equipped with their own washer and dryer sets. They prefer using appliances they own and trust for practical and hygienic reasons.

Resident Satisfaction: By opting for this new school truth, renters experience a better and more seamless living situation. They can rely on their own appliances, leading to a more comfortable and hassle-free rental experience.

Reduced Frustration: The absence of these appliances eliminates potential frustrations linked to their performance and maintenance. Residents won’t be caught off guard by unexpected repair costs or inconveniences.

Washer and dryer

Leaving Appliances Behind: A Balanced Approach

Suppose you’re considering leaving washers and dryers on your property without committing to repairs. Here’s why this approach may not be as ideal as it seems:

Owners’ Perspective:

Property Integrity: Renters are less likely to address repairs for appliances they don’t own, potentially leading to property damage and increased repair costs.

Tenant Satisfaction: The absence of functioning appliances can lead to tenant dissatisfaction, impacting the overall rental experience.

Renters’ Perspective:

Unwanted Surprises: Residents might forget about the no-repair clause, leading to the unexpected and frustrating expense of purchasing a new unit.

Urgent Removals: When appliances break down, renters often want a quick resolution. This urgency could result in extra expenses for property owners.

Finding Common Ground: The Transition Process

If you’re currently equipped with washers and dryers and want to make the transition, rest assured that we’ve got a balanced approach.

Owners’ Perspective:

Appliance Retrieval: During the property turnover, we’ll inform you about the need to remove the units. You’ll have a 1-2 day window to retrieve them, ensuring a smooth transition.

Cost-Effective Disposal: Alternatively, our trusted vendors can dispose of the units on your behalf, ensuring the proper handling of any hazardous waste and environmentally friendly recycling.

Renters’ Perspective:

Continued Convenience: For renters, this transition means they can continue using their preferred appliances, ensuring a seamless living experience.

Unwanted washer dryer


At the end of the day, embracing a new school truth regarding washers and dryers creates a win-win situation for both property owners and residents. This innovative approach enhances property cash flow, reduces liabilities, and ensures a comfortable and convenient living environment.

As Evergreen Property Management continues to reimagine property success, we invite you to explore these new possibilities and find options that benefit property owners and renters alike.

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